Statutory Bodies

College Governance

The college has statutory bodies such as Governing body, Academic council, Board of studies and Finance committee to ensure proper management of academic, financial and general administrative affairs in addition to the Non statutory committees such as Examination Committee, Admission Committee, Part-V / Extra Curricular Activities Committee, Grievance Redressal Cell, Academic Performance Committee and Academic Review Committee.
The Board of studies meetings are conducted by all the departments every year. The modifications in the syllabi are resolved in the academic council in addition to other academic policies and approval of courses.
The Governing Body met every year after the academic council meeting and approves the recommendations of the Academic council and Finance committee.

Statutory Bodies

  • Governing Body


            To administer, manage and govern all the academic, administrative, and other activities of the Institution.

    Operational Authorities:

              All Members of the Governing Body as per constitution below, Principal, Secretary




    5 members


    Trust or Management as per the constitution or Management byelaws, with the Chairman or President/Director as the Chairperson

    2 members

    Teachers of the College

    Nominated by the Principal based on seniority

    1 member

    Educationist or Industrialist

    Nominated by the Management

    1 member

    UGC nominee

    Nominated by the UGC

    1 member

    State Government Nominee

    Academician not below the rank of professor or state government official of Directorate of Higher Education/State Council of Higher Education

    1 member

    University Nominee

    Nominated by the University

    1 member

    Principal of College



    • To fix the fees and other charges payable by the students on the recommendation of the Academic Council.
    • Institute Scholarship, Fellowship, Studentship, Medals, Prizes and Certificates on the recommendation of the Academic Council
    • To approve the institution for new programs/ courses of study leading to degrees or diplomas.
    • To review the performance of all other functions and form Committees/ Sub- Committees as may be necessary and deemed fit for the development of the college.


    Two years, except for the UGC nominee whose term will be a full six years.


    At least twice a year.

    Governing Body Members

    S.No. Category New Members
    1 Management Dr. A.D.Jegadheeswar, M.B.,B.S.,
    President  & Chairman Governing Body
    2 Management Thiru. N.Kathiresan Prabhu, B.E.,
    Secretary & Governing Body Member
    3 Management Thiru. J.Ganesh, B.E.,
    Member - Governing Body
    4 Management Thiru. K.Jeyaprakash, B.Sc.,(Agri),
    Member - Governing Body
    5 Management Thiru.K.Ajay, M.B.A.,
    Member – Governing Body
    6 Educationalist Dr.K.Rathina Kumar,
    Tamil Nadu Open University,
    Chennai – 15.
    Cell : 9080831169
    7 UGC Nominee Prof. Syed Mehartaj Begum, M.A., Ph.D.,
    UGC – Centre for Federal Studies,
    Jamia Hamdard
    New Delhi – India.
    Cell No : 9871037730
    8 State Government Nominee Dr.T.Arivudai Nambi, M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed.,PGDCA, Ph.D.,
    Joint Director,
    Office of Joint Director of Collegiate Education,
    Thanjavur Region,
    Rajah Serfoji Government College Campus,
    Thanjavur – 613 005.
    9 University Nominee Dr.L.Ganesan,
    Department of Economics,
    Bharathidasan University,
    Tiruchirapalli – 24.

    Governing Body Meeting Minutes

    2017 Governing Body Meeting Minutes
    2018 Governing Body Meeting Minutes
    2019 Governing Body Meeting Minutes

  • Academic Council


            The Academic Council is the authority competent to recommend approval of all academic matters including framing of academic policy, approval of courses, regulations and syllabi, etc. The Council will involve faculty at all levels and also experts from outside, including representatives of the University and the Government.

    Operating Authorities: 

    Members of Academic Council, Dean (Academic), Principal

    Composition of the Academic Council:

    • The Principal (Chairman).
    • All the Heads of Departments in the College.
    • Four teachers of the College representing different categories of teaching staff by rotation on the basis of seniority of service in the College.
    • Not less than four experts from outside the College representing areas  such as Industry, Commerce, Law, Education, Medicine, Engineering etc., to be nominated by the Governing Body.
    • Three nominees of the University.
    • A faculty member nominated by the Management  who will function as Dean (Academics) (Member Secretary)

    Terms :

    The term of the nominated members shall be two years.


    The Principal shall convene a meeting of the Academic Council at least once a year.

    Functions and Powers:

    • To scrutinize and approve the proposals of the Boards of studies of each discipline with or without modification. The proposals may include the courses of study, curricula, syllabi and modifications, instructional and evaluation arrangements, methods and procedures.
    • To make regulations regarding admission of students to different programmes/courses.
    • To make regulations for sports, extra – curricular activities, hostels etc.
    • To recommend to the Governing body for the introduction of new programmes/ courses.
    • To recommended to the Governing Body to institute scholarship fellowship, prizes and medals and also to frame regulations for the award of the same.
    • To recommend to the Governing Body on suggestion(s) pertaining to academic affairs made by it.
    • To perform such other functions assigned by the Governing Body from time to time.

    Academic Council Members

    S.No. Category Name
    1 Chairman-Academic Council Dr.R.Anbuselvi,
    Principal i/c.,
    Chairman, Academic Council,
    2 Secretary- Academic Council Dr.V.Renuga,
    Secretary- Academic Council,
    Associate Professor of Commerce,
    A.D.M. College for Women (Autonomous)
    3 Representing Commerce Thiru.V.K.Viswanathan,
    (Representing Commerce),
    Chartered Accountant,
    92-A,Soth avani Moola Street,
    Madurai-625 001.
    4 Education Dr.A.Sivakamasundari,
    Advisor,ADM College,
    No.12, Nadar Street,
    Velippalayam,Nagapattinam-611 001
    5 Representing Law Thiru.R.Paramanantham,
    Public Prosecutor Cum Government Pleader,
    6   Dr.A.S.Nageswaran,
    Professor ,Department of,
    Director, Council for College and Curriculum
    Development ,
    Bharathidasan University,
    7   Dr.V.Thirumurugan,
    Professor,Department of Animal Science,
    Bharathidasan University,
    8   Dr.V.Vinothkumar,
    Professor, Department of English,
    Director IQAC,
    Bharathidasan University,
    9   Dr.P.Malliga,
    Department of Marine Biotechnology,
    Bharathidasan University,Tiruchirapalli-24.
    10   Dr.R.Sophia Porchelvi,
    Controller of Examinations
    A.D.M. College for Women (Autonomous)
    11 Head of the Department 1. Mrs.R.Alamelu,
    HOD of History
    2. Dr.S.Rajeswari,
    HOD of Economics
    3. Dr.N.Sarala,
    HOD of Mathematics
    4.  Mrs.S.Malathi,
    HOD of Chemistry
    5.   Dr.Madhuramozhi Govindarajalu,
    HOD of Zoology
    6.  Dr.N.Sampathlakshmi,
    HOD of Commerce
    7.  Mrs.R.Priscilla,
    HOD of Physics
    8.   Dr.J.Sundari,
    HOD of Botany
    9.  Mrs.A.Madheswari,
    HOD of Statistics
    10. Dr.T.Vasugi,
    HOD of Tamil
    11. Mrs.V.Kannaki,
    HOD of English
    12.   Mrs.R.Kavitha,
    HOD of Business Administration
    13 Dr.G.Sabithra,
    HOD of Bio Chemistry
    14 Dr.K.Arul Mary Joyce,
    HOD of Computer Sciences
    15. Dr.M.Kaliammal,
    HOD of Geology
    16. Mrs.J.Suganya,
    Assistant Professor of Computer Science,
    B.Voc., Programme Software
    Development in  Multimedia and  Animation.
    17.  Mrs.B.Revathy,
    Assistant Professor of Zoology,
    B.Voc., Programme Marine Food Processing & Preservation Technology.
    18. Dr.V.Uma,
    Director of Physical Education
    19 Dr.R.Vijayalakshmi,
    College Librarian
    12 Four Teachers representation
     (by rotation on seniority):
    1  Dr.R.Krishnaveni,
    Associated Professor of Commerce
    2  Dr.R.Manimozhi,
    Assistant Professor of English
    3  Dr.R.Latha,
    Assistant Professor of  Commerce
    4   Dr.N.Lavanya,
    Assistant Professor of  Physics

    Academic Council Meeting Minutes

    2017 Academic Council Meeting Minutes
    2018 Academic Council Meeting Minutes
    2019 Academic Council Meeting Minutes
    2021 Academic Council Meeting Minutes

  • Board of Studies


         To formulate the syllabi for various courses, reviewing and updating syllabi from time to time. To make suggestions on introducing new courses of study, determining details of continuous assessment, recommending panels of examiners, etc.

    Operating Authorities:


    Members of the Board of Studies, HOD concerned, Vice Principals and Principal

    Composition of the Board of Studies:

    • Head of the department concerned (Chairman).
    • The entire faculty of each specialization.
    • Two experts in the subject from outside the college to be nominated by the Academic Council.
    • One expert to be nominated by the vice-chancellor from a panel of six recommended by the college principal.
    • One representative from industry/corporate sector/allied area relating to placement.
    • One postgraduate meritorious alumnus to be nominated by the principal. The Chairman, Board of Studies, may with the approval of the Principal of the College, co-opt:
    • Experts from outside the college whenever special courses of studies are to be formulated.
    • Other members of staff of the same faculty.



          The term of the nominated members shall be two years.


           The Principal of the College shall draw the schedule as and when necessary, but at least once a year    for meeting of the Board of Studies for different Departments.


      • The Board of Studies of a department in the College shall:
      • Prepare syllabi for various courses keeping in view the objectives of the College, interest of the stakeholders and national requirement for consideration and approval of the Academic Council;
      • Suggest methodologies for innovative teaching and evaluation techniques
      • Suggest panel of names to the Academic Council for appointment of Examiner;
      • Coordinate research, teaching, extension and other academic activities in the Department.

      Composition of Board of Studies

      Head of the department concerned (Chairman).
      The entire faculty of each specialization.
      Two experts in the subject from outside the college to be nominated by the Academic Council.
      One expert to be nominated by the vice-chancellor from a panel of six recommended by the college principal.
      One representative from industry/corporate sector/allied area relating to placement.
      One postgraduate meritorious alumnus to be nominated by the principal.

      Minutes of Board of Studies Meeting

      2017 BOS Meeting
      2018 BOS Meeting
      2019 BOS Meeting

  • Finance Committee


    The Finance Committee will be the Authority competent to advise the Governing Body on financial matters.

    Operating Authorities

    Members of the Finance Committee, Principal.

    Composition of Finance Committee:

    (a) The Principal (Chairman).
    (b) One person to be nominated by the Governing Body of the college for a period of two years.
    (c) One senior-most teacher of the college to be nominated in rotation by the Principal for two years.


    Recommend the Budget estimates/Revised Estimates/ Supplementary estimates relating to income from fees, etc. collected and the grant received/receivable from UGC for the activities under College autonomy.


    • Autonomous College should hold meeting of Finance Committee in the month of April 1st week to take stock of the utilization of autonomy grant of previous year and to discuss the budget of for the autonomy grant of coming year. A detailed Blue Print of budget should be duly approved by the Finance Committee in this meeting.
    • Only those items should be included, which are admissible as per clause 7 of these guidelines. No expenditure other than these items shall be accepted for utilization.
    • The Budget so prepared and recommended by the Finance Committee will be submitted to the Governing Body for final approval, before 25th of April every year, which in turn shall be submitted to the concerned Regional Office of the UGC on or before 30th April. In case the meeting of the Governing Body is not held before 30th April due to unavoidable reasons, the Principal in the capacity of Member Secretary of Governing Body may submit the budget to the concerned Regional Office of the UGC after getting approval of the Chairman of the Governing Body.

    Finance Committee Members





     Member -  Governing Body

    Thiru.N.Kathiresan Prabhu





    One senior-most teacher



    Office Superintendent


    Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

    2017 FC Minutes
    2018 FC Minutes
    2019 FC Minutes
    2020 FC Minutes
    2021 FC Minutes