Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

  • Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) has been followed since 2006.
  • The curriculum is redesigned to fulfill the needs of the stakeholders and to enhance quality as expected by NAAC.
  • Now, the approach is learner centric that instills confidence in the students to face the challenges and competencies in the digital era without any fear.
  • The curriculum of all programmes incorporates skill based, non major and major based electives, besides core and allied courses
  • The Curriculum is enriched with excellent contents catering to the latest trends, in tune with the UGC guidelines and TANSCHE'S Curriculum structure.
  • Achieving the academic flexibility and academic mobility by enabling the students to opt
    • Add-on courses (SSIP)
    • Value added Courses
    • Extra Credit Courses
    • Mini Project/ Internship at UG level
    • Project/internship at PG level
    • Research Guides
  • Providing holistic education through the introduction of following courses that fulfill the societal requirements and the well being of the students as well.
    • Environmental Education
    • Value Education
    • Soft Skills
    • Gender Studies
    • Human Rights Education
    • Gandhian Thought
    • Yoga Training
  • The freshers are given special orientation named 'Student Induction Programme’(SIP) as recommended by UGC , for six days and Bridge course for feeling better to study in English medium.
  • UGC has sponsored Skill Oriented Programmes as Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Degree to enrich their practical knowledge and to empower them with specific skills for making them industry ready professionals.
    • Software Development in Multimedia & Animation
    • Marine Food Processing and Preservation Technology
  • Indian/Foreign  Languages offered as part I in addition to Tamil
    • French
    • Arabic
    • Hindi
    • Sanskrit

Outcome based Education (OBE)

Outcome Based Education (OBE) has been introduced since 2019 which is yet another milestone in the curriculum development of ADM College. Presently, the curriculum is shifted towards competency based and teaching methodology focuses more on learner centric approaches. The performance of the students is measured through the Course/ Programme outcomes. A learner is encouraged to take blended/ flipped learning based on the potential of the individual. On the whole, OBE paves a way for proper monitoring of knowledge, skills and attitude acquired by the learner and shapes them into successful achievers, professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, managers and best citizens in the society.