Department of Bio-Technology (DBT)

Financial Support

The financial support is recommended for the programmes as given below:

  1. Biochemistry, Botany, Marine Food processing;
  2. Chemistry;
  3. Computer Science, Computer Application;
  4. Mathematics and Statistics;
  5. Physics;
  6. Zoology.

As per the revised Star College Programme guidelines, the budget provision is as given in the table below:

S. No. Head Strengthening Component (for 03 years) (in Lakhs)
1. Non-recurring (One time per department) 15.00
2. Recurring for 3 years each department per year 5.00
3. Contingency per year 1.00
4. Travel + Mentoring per year 2.00 to 5.00
(Up to 4 depts.: Rs. 2 lakhs.
5 to 8 depts.: Rs. 4 lakhs.
9 to 12 depts.: Rs. 5 lakhs.)

The total grant sanctioned for three years is Rs.2,10,00,000/- (Two Crores and ten lakhs only).