Department of Zoology

History of the Department

Department of Zoology was established in 1975 with Pre University course, Allied Zoology for I B.Sc chemistry was introduced in 1978. B.Sc degree was started in 1984 and M.Sc in 2012. Department was recognised as Research centre in 2013. Department has 100% faculty members with Ph.D degree and they are actively involved in research in frontier areas of life sciences. The faculty members are eager to learn every stage and enhance their research expertise and academic skills by participating regularly in orientation, refresher and training programme. Students of the department are encouraged to participate in various competition, internship programmes, training programmes and conferences organised by various institutions.The major research thrust of the department includes Ornithology, Aquatic biology and environmental toxicology.UGC Sponsored B.Voc Marine Food Processing and Preservation Technology course was started from the academic year 2018.


  • To be a first class department in the pursuit of Academic excellence, teaching, research of service to our country.
  • Provide sound education in basic life science.
  • Provide best educational opportunities for the students to attain the academic goals.
  • Promote research at PG level.
  • Empowerment of women and  entrepreneurship.



  • To teach in all branches of zoology .
  • Curriculum is designed based on the the current needs of rural background of students of compete with the urban students.
  • To enhance the employment opportunities and women entrepreneurs, syllabus is updated with job oriented-skilled papers and certificate courses.
  • Sophisticated infrastructural and learning resources facilities are available to achieve academic excellence to reach the horizon of future.
  • Provide inexpensive educational services to the weaker section of the society through curricular, co-curricular and extension activities to become good citizen.
  • To develop research aptitude and scientific advancement through Ph.D programme.


  • To provide quality education in zoology with different specialization. To facilitate higher education & research in zoology. To provide quality education offering skill based programmes and motivate the students for self employment in applied branch of zoology.
  • Create receptive mindset among the students of the department through field study project work and study tour.
  • To impact research oriented learning process through seminar, journal publication and by making them participative in various state level and national seminar.