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About of the Department

The college is catering to the educational needs of young girls hailing from the lower strata of the society. The equality of educational for a favoured with excellence is being maintained throughout. Mostly the sanctioned strength is admitted in the course most of the students coming from rural background.The department of Physics was established in the year 1975 and P.U.C was introduced first. In 1979, Physics was introduced for B.Sc. Chemistry major and B.Sc. Mathematics major students as Allied subject. B.Sc., Physics major was started in the year 1993-1994 and M.Sc., Physics major was started in the year 2012-2015.Presently, the department offers PhD programmes aiming at invention based research outcomes. The latest research focused on the 6 specialization fields on Thin Film, Crystal Growth, Materials Science, Ultrasonics, Nano Materials, Spectroscopy and Physical Chemistry.

The department has very unique and well equipped individual Laboratories for first UG, PG and Allied students. A well equipped PG laboratory for General and Electronics experiments is the pride of the department. M.Sc. students are given hands-on training with advanced experiments (both General and Electronics), and they also do research projects as part of the curriculum. Department has an exclusive library for the faculties and students for immediate reference.
Innovative approaches on career oriented and advanced papers were introduced in the programmes to maintain academic standards. Science can be taught by conducting experiments. Teaching is usually defined as reaching the unknown students that is possible only by means of practical methods. We can prove scientific fact and the result through experiments only.The Physicist might work in a laboratory designing material for IC chips and computer chips. Ethics, Social Responsibility, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills Research Orientation and Internship and Employability Enhancement.  

The department has motivated the students to participated Seminars, Short-Term courses, Webinars, Workshops to enrich students with potential talent. In addition, internship programmesis also mandatory as part of the curriculum.  Physics department arranged every year a Subject Oriented Educational Field Trip, Induction Training, Demonstration cum Training Programme, National Science Day Celebration and Youth Forum,Hands on Practical, Science Motivation Programme, WEB-QUIZ, Online Test for Skills on General Knowledge, National Level E-QUIZ, Science Based Life programme were arranged for the students.

They are all aimed at important critical thinking and effective communication ability:

  • To enable the students to take up challenging jobs in Physics research areas aimed at enhancing the employability potential of students
  • The department offers value added certificate course (30 contact Hours) through the career such as Everyday Physics, Applications of Digital Multimeter, Electronics Instrumentation &Circuits. Ability to use modern instrumentation and laboratory techniques to design and perform experiments is highly desirable in almost all the fields of Physics.
  • We are giving hand on training programme conducted for students and teachers.

Unique Features:

From the Department 
Dr.R.Priscilla, HoD of Physics acted as a Convener and  organized 

    • UGC    sponsored       National Seminar: 3
    • UGC sponsored Regional Seminar on “Recent Trends in Micro Controller and Revolution in Embedded Information Processing”, on 3,4th September2004.
    • UGC    sponsored       National Seminar on “Remote sensing and Digital Image processing”, on 3,4thJuly 2009.
    • UGC sponsored National Seminar on "Renewable Energy- an Amazing Resource" in Collaboration with Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR),Barwa Road, Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India,on20,21st ,January2011.
    • Tamil Nadu State Council forScience andTechnology”(ASTRA): 1
    • Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology ”(ASTRA)sponsored National Seminar on" SEMINAR ON SOLAR ENERGY & DEMONSTRATION CUMTRAINING PROGRAMON SOLAR HEATER, SOLARDRIER & SOLAR COOKER”, on 06.02.2019.

    Membership in Academic/ Professional Bodies:  Dr.R.Priscilla, HoD of Physics

      • Coordinator–Vigyan Prasar–EDUSAT (DST-Delhi)
      • Coordinator–Vigyan Prasar- VIPNET Club (DST- Delhi).
      • SWAYAM NPTEL LocalChapter–SPOC-MHRD
      • QualityControllerforNPTELe-contentTranslationsofThreeEngineeringSubjects.


      • Tamil Nadu State Council for Science & Technology, Chennai.
      • Doppler Weather Radar station Karaikal.
      • CSIR-Central Institute Mining and Fuel Research, Dhanbad, Jharkhand.
      • Department of Physics,Virudhunagar HinduNadarsSenthikumaraNadar College (V.H.N.S.N)(Autonomous),Virudhunagar-626001,Tamilnadu.
      • Central Ground Water Board,  Ministry of Jal Shakthi, Government of India, Chennai .
      • Oil Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), Karaikal.


      • To empower women through higher education by developing the intellectual strength of students and guiding them towards Scientific and technical excellence.
      • To realize advancement of teaching and learning and discover new layers of knowledge in Physics by providing the right academic ambience.


      • To provide quality education in Physics from under-graduate to post-graduate and research degrees.
      • To inculcate discipline, morals and values of the life among the students;
      • To provide peaceful and conducive learning atmosphere.


      • To create human resources with strong foundation in Physics, which can be applied to wide areas in Science and technology.
      • To motivate students towards research in Physics as well as in interdisciplinary areas.
      • To carry out high quality scientific research in wide areas of Physics.
      • To carry out research through collaboration with researchers of other reputed academic institutions of India and abroad.
      • To bring externally sponsored funds in order to strengthen laboratory facilities and support doctoral students.
      • To organize outreach activities to promote scientific culture.