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Dr. R. Sophia Porchelvi,
Controller of Examinations
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Evaluation of student's performance in examinations is done in two phases, namely, Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) and Semester Examinations (SE). The office of the Controller of Examinations conducts all Semester Examinations. The Continuous Internal Assessment Marks are submitted to the office by the departments.

Exam Applications

Applications for Semester Examinations are distributed through the departments. After paying the prescribed fees at the college office, students should submit the same to the college office on or before the prescribed dates. Applications submitted after the due dates will not be accepted.

Pass Requirements

  • For UG degree courses, the passing minimum is 10 out of 25 in CIA and 30 out of 75 in Semester Examinations (40%).
  • For PG degree courses, the passing minimum of marks is 10 out of 25 in CIA and 30 out of 75 in Semester Examinations but making an aggregate of 50% marks as minimum mark.

Methods of Valuation

  • For all the UG degree courses, single valuation is carried out by external examiners.
  • For all PG and M. Phil degree courses, double valuation (internal & external) is followed and the average of the two marks will be taken. If the difference between the two marks is more than 15, one more valuation is allowed for that case and the nearest two marks will be considered as the summative examination mark.

Arrear Examinations

  • Arrear examinations for the alternative semesters will be conducted during the week end holidays just before the commencement of regular semester examinations.
  • The students who have arrears in the current semester are allowed to write the arrear papers along with the regular examinations.

Transparency / Revaluation / Retotaling

  • Application for Transparency shall be made within 7 days after the publication of results.
  • Revaluation/Retotaling of the answer script is also permitted and shall be made within 10 days from the date of publication of results.

Supplementary examination

This Examination will be conducted within a month, after the publication of results, to the final year UG and PG students who have failed in exactly one paper in the present or previous semesters.

CBCS Pattern

From the Academic year 2008-2009, the total credits turn out to be 140 for all the UG degree courses and 90 for all the PG degree courses.

Consolidated Certificates of Marks

Consolidated Certificates of Marks will be issued to students who have successfully completed all their papers and students who need course completion certificates, before getting the Provisional Certificates from the University, may apply to the Controller's office through the Principal and get the same immediately or the following day.

Some of the Quality Measures

  • The office has the Examination automation software that enables to do the works in an easier and effective manner within the stipulated time. The Examination schedule, Semester examinations, Publications of results, Distribution of certificates, Revaluation results, Conduct of arrear examinations, Supplementary examinations and results are carried out in tack with time. The examination schedule is put up in the college website and the results are published through the website.
  • Question Paper Scrutiny Board is instituted to scrutinize the question papers before the commencement of the examinations. This will enable us to avoid silly mistakes, out of syllabus and poor setting of the question papers.
  • Moreover, feedback collected from the internal and external examiners during valuation provides the opportunity to know about the reason for the failures.

Dr. R. Sophia Porchelvi, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D,
Controller of Examinations
Contact Nos. 04365 – 249295, 249126-31
Email: coe@adjadmc.ac.in

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