Department of English

History of the Department

The department of English started in the year 1975 is as old as the college itself. The department was started for the pre university courses and B.A. English was started in Self Financing section in 2013. It has become a Research Department in 2016. A well-equipped Language Lab is an asset to the department that helps in enhancing the language skills of the students.

Unique Features

  • The department provides ample opportunities to the students to delve deep into the fathomless ocean of literature and enjoy its richness.
  • The department offers abundance of opportunities to kindle the creativity of the students.


  • To empower the rural students with knowledge and competence and transform them into valuable citizens of the nation.
  •  To make the department a hub of active research


  • To introduce innovative papers nurturing literary sensibilities and critical thinking.
  • To foster linguistic competency among the students and prepare them for the professional needs.
  • To be committed to excellence in teaching and Research.


  • To encourage the learners to understand and appreciate life through the works of great literary writers of the world.
  • To provide comprehensive idea of English Language and Literature.
  • To motivate the learners for higher studies.
  • To kindle the creative urge in the learners.