Department of Business Administration

History of the Department

Department of Business Administration was started on July 2003. The Department has four Qualified Staff Members. The Staff and Students actively participate in National Level Seminars and Conferences. The Department offers a Certificate Course on Disaster Management. The Department also offers group projects for final UG Students to develop their Managerial and Interpersonal skills. The Students participate and win prizes in various competitions at Intercollegiate Level.

Unique Features

In our college, the Department of Business Administration is the only Department having UG Project for the final year students. We are producing 100%  Result every year. Every year nearly 35% of students going for their Professional Degree.


We shall be a leader in education, training and consulting in management founded on a strong base of core values, holistic perspective, and recognition of human dignity.


We are committed to empowering young women become successful business leaders and entrepreneurs and enable these young women to lead their lives with  professional will and personal humility coupled with knowledge, skill and competence.


  • To provide knowledge regarding the basic concepts, principles and functions of management.
  • To develop business and entrepreneurial aptitude among the students.
  • To provide knowledge and requisite skills in different areas of management like human resource, finance, operations and marketing to give a holistic understanding of business system.
  • To equip the students with knowledge related to qualitative and quantitative techniques for critical thinking and problem solving.